Visiting Blizzard Entertainment, Treyarch Studio and Disney Imagineering

It was a blast visiting Xin Wang (Cinematic Character & Prop Supervisor) at Blizzard Entertainment, Bernardo Antoniazzi (Technical Art Director) at Treyarch Studio and the department leads at Disney Imagineering during my LA trip this year. There was so much to see but unfortunately no photo allowed for the most part. I was very impressed and inspired by the creativity, passion and seriousness these people demonstrate for their craft on a daily basis. When working for a such large studio it’s all about finding the harmony between individual creativity and team spirit. While the indie game scene rises dramatically in these couple years and has been considered the new trend, I still truly appreciate the work came out from the AAA production studios, as these are a bunch of incredibly talented people who are willing to push pixels (or codes) and drive for that very excellence in their “small part” of a big machine. We all have our differences in taste of what kind of movies or games we like, but judging the level of “artistry” of a game by it’s indie or AAA is completely non-sense. With that said, I do hope those AAA giants will be willing to invest their wealth and resources on more creative and original ideas instead of making one after another FPS sequels. We need all types of different games to serve different kinds of audience. We are fortunate to have this variety at this new golden age of game development which makes this industry so fascinating.

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