We are the winner of E3 2013 College Game Competition

SCAD Interactive Design & Game Development won the 1st place of E3 2013 College Game Competition!

For many years, E3 has been a legendary expo for heavy weight AAA game studios around the world to showcase their best projects. It was an honor to be a winner of its first college game competition in 2013. Our faculty and students really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this fascinating expo and showcased the game our students produced at SCAD. It was truly an exciting experience for us to demo our game side by side with all the top game development studios in the world. The game industry is changing and there is a bigger and bigger market demand for indie games each year. By hosting and incorporating this college game competition with E3 and bringing that indie student spirit to E3, the Entertainment Software Association once again demonstrates their clear understanding about the latest trend of the game industry and SCAD was honor to be a part of it.

Check out the game development blog of our winning project “Lost in Thought”:


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