Check out our new game NerdHerder from the AR Game Studio


Check out our new game NerdHerder from the AR Game Studio (



Please download and play the game (FREE) and provide your valuable feedback here:

NerdHerder project website:

The AR Game Studio is a collaborative environment sponsored by Qualcomm bringing together students and faculty from Georgia Tech, SCAD-Atlanta and the Berklee College of Music to explore the potential of AR for creating new kinds of mobile gaming and interactive media experiences.

Top 10 Schools to study Game Design by the Princeton Review 2012


Where I teach – SCAD Interactive Design & Game Development makes the top ten list of schools to study game design by the Princeton Review 2012:

Congrats to SCAD Interactive Design & Game Development faculty, students and alumni. Thanks to our industry friends who gave us advice, visited us, sponsored our events, gave workshops, talks and internships to our students. Thanks to our collaborators who helped to expand the horizons of our program. Thanks to those who hired SCAD grads. We will continue to produce first-class talent for the industry.

NerdHerder game trailer

Check out this fun trailer of our new AR mobile game from the AR Game Studio:

SCAD-Atlanta is the largest Global Game Jam 2012 site in the US

210 registered jammers made SCAD-Atlanta the largest Global Game Jam 2012 site in the US and the third largest in the world.

5 industry presentations/workshops were conducted in the first afternoon of the event.

18 industry/academic leaders in game development participated in the post-jam presentation and judging in the last night of the event.

35 games were created in this 48 hours event and presented to a jury of 18 industry/academic leaders in Georgia in the last night of the event.

Event pictures:

Video collage of all the projects:

SCAD-Atlanta GGJ 2012 game projects

Global Game Jam 2012 at SCAD-Atlanta: Jan 27-29


SCAD-Atlanta is excited to host the exclusive jam site for the central Georgia region this year. Visit the Global Game Jam 2012 at SCAD website for all info:

Registration is $20 payable at the door (CASH ONLY) which covers the cost of food, snacks and drinks for the weekend. Each participant will also receive an exclusively designed T-shirt, swag and special prizes for the winners only available at SCAD-Atlanta jam site.

Registration begins NOW:


1. Go to the Global Game Jam web site:

2. Create an account and then associate your account with the jam site you wish to attend: “SCAD-Atlanta” (listed under Atlanta, GA) or “SCAD-Savannah” (listed under Savannah, GA).

BIG THANKS to our sponsors:
(Platinum) Eyes Wide Game & Coca-Cola
(Gold) Kaneva & Tripwire Interactive
(Silver) Hi-Rez Studios & Songster (Mowgli Games)

SCAD ITGM page update

Check out the SCAD ITGM page for pictures of our two new facilities at SCAD-Atlanta – the Game Lab and Motion Capture Lab:

GLOBAL GAME JAM at SCAD-Atlanta & Savannah – Jan 27-29, 2012


GLOBAL GAME JAM at SCAD-Atlanta & Savannah – Jan 27-29, 2012

Register NOW~

Generate 2011 at SCAD-Atlanta – ITGM Non-digital Game Design Challenge

THEME: Social Media: Unplugged

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

– Jeff Bezos, CEO at

The impact of the Internet and social media is undeniable. Social media has become a regular part of our lives and has connected us all through tools such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Almost every web offering has a social component. We now sit at the center of our worlds, connected to others through a complex social web.


Design a non-digital multi-player game for no more than 6 players, where those players build social networks. Your game may include fictional characters or real-life famous people like actors and rock stars. The goal and objectives are up to you.

For more pictures and updates, visit:


Prof. Spencer delivered an inspirational speech about the art of non-digital game making.

Prize sponsored by Giga Bites Cafe (also 3 SIEGE 2011 conference tickets await)

These are the basic ingredients for the game pie, and now just need to add brain juices.

Generate 2011 at SCAD-Atlanta – We are doing it again!


A 24 hour art challenge at SCAD-Atlanta

10am September 30th thru 10am October 1st, 2011
SCAD Atlanta

Think you’re tough? Are you a creative mastermind? Do you think you have what it takes to pull off artistic wizardry under impossible deadlines? Then clear your schedule and let’s see what you’re made of.

Led by faculty, students from multiple disciplines endeavor to create completed works of art during this 24 hour art marathon. The event begins promptly at 10am on Friday, Sept. 30th. Participants should bring their own art supplies, but coffee and food will be provided throughout the night.

Challenges are offered in a variety of disciplines, across many majors. Check the challenges tab to determine what category is the best fit for you. Email your faculty leaders with any questions. There will be prizes and giveaways and in some cases showings for those who can complete their artwork.

Can you generate?

SCAD student project made IndieCade 2011 finallist

“Black Bottom Parade”, a SCAD student project (by Bianca Gee, Charlie Trippe, Daniel Plemmons, Erin Hanlon, Jonathan Justice and Yuki Yamadamade) made IndieCade 2011 finallist.


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